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From the Cambridge Evening News, 7th March, 2003.

Road Toll Death Drops to New Low

The council is gleefully announcing that accident statistics for 2002 demonstrate that their road safety policies are working, showing a 34 percent drop in casualties over the past 10 years.

Although the council figures are not in strict agreement with national statistics reported in Road Accidents Great Britian, with regional breakdowns, the trends are similar. The record low of 52 fatalities is actually identical to the figure recorded in 2001, 1998 and 1997. By my reading of these figures, the number of fatalites has not changed significantly since 1992. We have seen a decrease in the number of serious injuries, but one must wonder how much this can be attributed to simply the improvements to in-car safety features, such as airbags, which are now very common.

The graph below shows data from http://www.camcnty.gov.uk/sub/eandt/rdsafety/chap2.pdf with fatalities and serious injuries plotted for each year.

Even the serious injury trend is demonstrating a marked reduction in it's rate of decline since about 1995.

Latest update, in 2003, there were 66 accidents.

I've had a letter published in the Cambridge Evening News, with a reply from the scamera project manager. He quite clearly seems to claim that all that is needed to be a safe driver is to stick to the speed limit - completely missing the point I was making that this is the very cause of our fatality trend reversal.

My Letter
The Official Reply

A response is pending publication...

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