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NEC 24 October 2002 - UK Launch

Finally - an update to Mazda's published information. This has pre-order interest registration, 360 interior pics, and several pages of technical and historical information.

NEC 25th 26th May 2002

See the Rx8 at the The Sports Car Show at the NEC. Finally the Rx8 seems to be gathering momentum, which can only be good news for the Rx-7. As a guide, this site has seen a 40% increase in trafic in the past month, a trend which started late last year!

Mazda now have a site dedicated to the Rx8 at Shame it doesn't get updated at all!

Early indications are that they are targetting the price in the same bracket as the Audi TT, and have about 1 year to go before it's availible for sale :-(

Mazda UK don't seem to be putting too much effort into marketing the Rx-8, which is rather a shame. They managed to kill off the Rx-7 in the UK by pushing the price up too much, and maybe that's whats going to happen to the Rx8 as well. Pricing it to compete with the Audi TT seems to be making the assumption that Audi and Mazda are viewed in the same way by the top end of the buying market.

It would be a shame if the only people to learn how fantastic the rotary engine can be were those of us who already own an Rx7.

Clive has been doing a great job to persuade Mazda UK that they can take advantage of all of the rotary owners in their publicity, so we can expect to see new models apearing on stands from 2003. And maybe not just the Rx8...

These are my pictures from Saturday at the NEC - please credit this site if you want to use them! (the last three are a Le Mans special edition of the Mx5 - not on the Mazda stand, but hopefully a sign of things to come! - Thanks to Doug Nadin for the outdoor photo)

More pictures from Glen at



Mazda Officials Okay Rotary-Powered Car

The RX-8, a 4-seat "crossover" sports car first displayed at the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show (as the RX-EVOLV) could hit dealer showrooms as soon as December 2002. Mazda eventually plans to sell the car in all major markets North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Mazda executive Phil Martens, who is managing director in charge of product strategy, design and product development, feels the modelís rear-drive platform could form the centerpiece for a new sports car family including, though not limited to, the MX Sports Tourer concept minivan (displayed at the Geneva Motor Show last year), a new Miata-like 2-seat roadster and even a future-generation RX-7 2-seat performance car.

Among the RX-8ís attributes, he says, are its 50/50 weight distribution, outstanding body structure, a scalable wheelbase, a 13-gal. (60 L) fuel tank, large trunk space (a major shortcoming of the Miata) and, of course, its naturally aspirated "RENESIS" rotary engine, which was first displayed at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show on the RX-01 concept sports car.

It seems likely that there is to be a new rotary engined car for the year 2002. The RX-EVOLV concept car shown at the Tokio Motor show seems very likely to make it to production. There will be a 4-seater version, and eventually an all new Rx7.

Interestingly, the Renesis engine which is making it's first appearange in the RX-8 is one of the few designs available which conform to the stringent zero emissions regulations being introduced in Japan. Not that modern engines are very dirty anyway, but this might have a side effect of pushing further development of the rotary, not just as a race car engine, but as a more common place engine.

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